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Automatic Renewal Authorization: Enjoy the number of issues shown and the credit/debit card you provide will be charged just $2 for each selection. Your selections will then continue annually. Each year, you'll receive a reminder notice specifying price plus processing (and any applicable sales tax) and billing terms for the next term of issues, and you authorize the account you provide to be charged the rate on the notice for the next term of issues unless you choose to cancel. Your name, address, and account information you provide will be used by MagazineOutlet to process and fulfill your selections. Your $100 value is based on selecting the 4 highest valued ttiles in comparison to newsstand price. Cancel anytime at 1-877-286-8987 for a refund of unserved issues. Allow 4-10 weeks for delivery. If a magazine becomes unavailable, it may be replaced by another with the same renewal features. Orders subject to approval. For individual use only, not for resale. Please print this page for your records. Enjoy!

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